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Cleopatra Ink is an award-winning tattoo and piercing studio based in Alanya, Turkey. We have 8 locations spread over Europe.
As one of the largest studios in Europe, we’ve done tattoos for quite a few celebrities. We hope to serve you by providing high-end artwork that is among the best.

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A tattoo studio you can trust

Situated on the coast of Turkey, Cleopatra Ink is an award-winning tattoo studio based in Alanya.
We started our studio in 2014 to bring artistry and ingenuity to every artwork.
Since our opening day, customers have trusted us to complete over 45,000 tattoo pieces.

We’ve become a successful tattoo studio with more than 8 locations and 40 talented artists, winning over 40 awards in The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, and Denmark in categories like black and gray, colorful, mandala, minimal, realism, feminine.

Although we started as a single location in Alanya, we quickly grew our brand and expanded into cities across Europe.
At Cleopatra Ink, we work on all categories, large or small.
Whether you are looking for a tattoo of your beloved one, your hero, an amazing fantasy design or other custom imagery, our designers can create images centered around your ideas.

Tattoos a permanent embodiment

Cleopatra Ink operates with the belief that tattoos are a permanent embodiment of your passions, beliefs, and loved ones.
We’re proud to provide great service and lifelong art that goes where you go.

Whether you’re looking for portraits, realistic art, or even work inspired by your favorite animations, our artists specialize in all varieties and styles of tattoo art.
We practice the highest form of artistry and believe in the value of our customers’ ideas.

Contact us to discuss custom work.
We also offer free design services to all of our customers.

Our experience is unlike any other.
At our high-end studio, enjoy views of the tree-lined avenue and bring friends or family to accompany you on this journey.

Most tattoos often take multiple visits and several hours, but we care about making you comfortable and at ease.
Our artists take the time to make your art top-notch so that you have a quality tattoo for years to come.


Our artists come from all over the world to work with Cleopatra Ink. We are among the best studios in Europe serving a worldwide clientele. You can feel confident in the care of our artists who take the time to make your tattoo a standout.


We work in a hygienic environment where all materials are completely sterilized so you feel safe and enjoy your experience with us. Our studio also offers premium aftercare products to prevent infection and help your tattoo heal properly.

Free Services

If you reside around Alanya or Side we offer free pick-up services from your location or you can just walk-in our studio of course. Our tattoo design is completely free of charge done by professionals.