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At Cleopatra Ink, we're more than just tattoos; we offer a unique experience reflecting your individuality. Our dedicated designers craft personalized, identity-mirroring designs. Award-winning tattoo artists bring them to life with creativity. Cleopatra Ink transforms your journey into an art form, where your story shines. Join us for unparalleled body art, where creativity knows no bounds, and your narrative takes center stage


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Cleopatra Ink Gallery is a reflection of tattoo art. Here, you'll find captivating photographs of unique works created by our tattoo artists. Welcome to our gallery to visually explore the enchanting world of tattoo art.

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Cleopatra Ink, as a pioneer in the tattoo and piercing industry, places great importance on customer satisfaction. Customer reviews highlight our safe and creative services, as well as our warm customer relationships. Those who choose Cleopatra Ink are consistently delighted with the high-quality experiences we provide. We welcome you to share your experiences with us at our studios.

Unleash Your Imagination with Cleopatra Ink

Our design artists craft designs that express you by listening to your story. 
Then, our award-winning tattoo artists breathe life into masterpieces!


Where Artistry Meets Skin

As your body becomes a canvas, our skilled tattoo artists bring your vision to life. Unique and tailored to your style, each tattoo is a personalized masterpiece. Whether starting a new tattoo journey or revamping existing ones, reach out to us. Excited to create your personalized artworks!


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Hygienic Piercing Expertise

At Cleopatra Ink, your safety is our paramount concern. Our skilled piercers adhere to rigorous hygiene standards, employing hypoallergenic materials to minimize any potential risks. Explore our diverse piercing options and premium body jewelry, tailored to complement your unique style. Rely on our seasoned professionals to expertly guide you through the process. Choose Cleopatra Ink for a secure and stylish piercing experience, ensuring your satisfaction every step of the way. Make us your ultimate destination for unparalleled piercing services


A journey into the world of tattoo and piercing

Cleopatra Ink Blog

Welcome to the fascinating world of tattoo and piercing art! Cleopatra Ink Blog is a source of inspiration and a resource for those looking to explore these two unique forms of expression. Here, you'll find everything from the latest tattoo and piercing trends to care tips and intriguing stories.
Experience the power of self-expression in this world of boundless creativity. Embark on a journey together with Cleopatra Ink Blog for tattoo, piercing, and art enthusiasts. Get inspired, share, and open a new chapter in this unique world.

What You Should Know About the Tattoo Making Process

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Tattoo Aftercare Guide

Important Rules for Tattoo Care: Remove the plastic wrap from your tattoo after 2 hours, wash it with antibacterial soap for the first 2 days. Pat your tattoo dry with clean paper towels. Apply tattoo cream 3-4 times a day for the first 3 weeks, and use it for a total of 6 weeks. Keep your hands clean...


What Is Tattoo Infection And How Does It Heal?

Check out our content for answers to questions like "What is a tattoo infection?" and "How to get rid of a tattoo infection?".



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