A Different Perspective on Tattoo: What Is an Ambigram Tattoo?

25 February 2023

Getting a unique and versatile style of tattoo is often preferred to getting standard and general styles that many others may also have. As people look for new ways to design the artwork that will be on their skin, new styles and forms of tattoo art have been developed! One of these newer styles of tattoos is ambigrams and they make for an incredibly unique and beautiful tattoo! Ambigrams refer to images or writing that make sense but have different meanings when flipped or seen from different angles. Ambigrams make for unique styles of tattoos and getting an ambigram tattoo could be a stunning and different type of artwork to get on your skin! The following is a look at what exactly ambigram tattoos are and the different types of styles often used.

What Is an Ambigram?

An ambigram refers to writing or an image that can be depicted from various angles to change to mean something new. The word mom, for example, would be considered an ambigram and when rotated, it turns into the word “wow”. When created using words, often a variety of different fonts are used to create words that are written in a calligraphy style of writing, This means that Ambigram tattoos can be created to look very different, ensuring that there is something unique for every type of person and the look they are hoping to go for.

How to Make an Ambigram Tattoo?

To make an ambigram tattoo, you have to consider the words or image that you are going to use and also consider the placement and whether or not it will work in the area you intend to get it. Many choose to place this style of tattoo on their arms as this makes it easy to view the different angles! You can either come to your tattoo artist with an ambigram and font style that you want or you can let them design an interesting and unique style of tattoo just for you. The placement of this type of tattoo is incredibly important to consider and to ensure that the tattoo works where it is placed, you may want to inquire with the artist doing the piece.

What is The Difference Between a Palindrome and Ambigram Tattoo?

While an ambigram tattoo is a style of art that can be depicted to mean things that are different but still make sense, a palindrome tattoo refers to words that can be placed backwards and still read the same! A common example of a palindrome is the sentence “Madam I’m Adam” as when this sentence is said in reverse, it means exactly the same thing! The word ‘mom’ can also be used in this scenario as when spelt backwards, it is the same thing! You can play around with different words, sentences and numbers to form this unique style of writing and it makes for an interesting and unique tattoo!

Different Ambigram Styles for Tattoo Design

There are many different types of ambigram tattoos that come in a variety of styles and designs. Ambigram tattoos are incredibly important to get as precise as possible, or you run the risk of the entire tattoo not making any sense. The following is a look at a few of the most popular types of ambigram tattoo designs.

Chain Ambigrams

Chain ambigrams refer to a design where words are linked to form a chain that can sometimes be repeated. Letters are overlapped with one another in such a way that from different angles and with a focus on different letters, a new word can be made out! These can be made using one word or even be constructed to form sentences! With this type of ambigram tattoo, the font that is used is incredibly important! You and your tattoo artist will have to carefully select the font that best allows for both letters to be visible in the design, otherwise, you run the risk of the entire tattoo not making much sense.

Glass Door Ambigrams

Glass door ambigrams, or two-way tattoos, are unique as they can reflect different words when looked at in a mirror! The word that is actually tattooed onto the skin changes when looked at on a reflective surface, giving a hidden meaning that will only be seen when looked at through these kinds of surfaces! This is called a glass door ambigram because very often, these sorts of ambigrams are located on glass doors that will be read differently when a person either exits or enters through it! For those after something incredibly unique, these reverse tattoos designs could be the way to go!

3-Dimensional Ambigrams

3D ambigrams are one of the most popular styles when it comes to these kinds of tattoos. 3D ambigrams allow for an image or words to change when viewed from different angles! These double-meaning ambigram tattoos are great to place on parts of your body where you can move to see the different angles! They are often placed on arms and legs to offer a unique perspective not just for others but also for yourself!

What to Consider When Getting Ambigram Tattoos?

Ambigram tattoos can be incredibly intricate and they need to be done by an experienced artist! As these styles of tattoo often rely on the smallest details, finding a tattoo artist who is able to accurately complete the tattoo is important. One of the main things to think about is that you should be going through a reputable tattoo studio and with an artist who is able to help ensure your vision comes to life! It also may be beneficial to look through a couple of ambigram tattoo ideas to find what you are looking for, this will give the artist some direction when designing the piece.

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