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Who We Are?

The story of Cleopatra Ink dates back to 2014 when we started out with a single studio in Alanya, Turkey. Our name comes from one of the most dazzling beaches in the world, Cleopatra Beach, located in our brand’s birthplace.

Around the World

We are on a mission to introduce the highest quality of service to all tattoo and piercing lovers. Thousands of people around the world have had amazing experiences in our studios.

As the largest multi-branch tattoo and piercing brand, we are so close to you.

About us
About us

Our Mission

We honed our craft and specialize in a wide range of piercing and tattoo practices. We aim to serve everyone who desires to have a magnificent tattoo or piercing.

We always provide high-level service thanks to our modern studios, highly skilled artists, hygienic environment, and professional equipment.

Tattoo Styles

We have inked thousands of tattoos so far and these tattoos fall into many different categories. We have expertise in all categories of tattooing. You can trust us for any type of design in any category.

About us

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Fill out our form to make a tattoo or piercing reservation. Visit our studio to get your free tattoo design consultation. Our artists will create unique design for your liking.

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About us