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27 September 2022

If you are looking to get a piercing, you may be wondering what it is and why people decided to get one. Piercings can often be a form of self-expression, with many different styles of jewellery being used! Piercing involves a small hole being made in different regions of the body. After this hole has been created, you can wear different kinds of jewellery in it, offering a beautiful way for one to style their look outside of clothing!

27 September 2022

One of the most important things for you to remember when it comes to piercings is how to care for them after it has been completed! Piercing care is incredibly important as it ensures that the area heals perfectly with no issues due to infection of the area! The place where you receive the piercing should give you a list of specific rules to be sure that you follow, but we here at Cleopatra Ink have come up with a few things to consider!