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8 März 2023

A new and unique style of tattoo that is becoming increasingly popular is dotwork tattoos! This style revolves around using dots that link up to one another to create an image, with various sizes in the dots used to create versatility and depth within an image!

5 März 2023

One of the most popular ways to get a tattoo is by getting a flash tattoo, which refers to an image that is pre-drawn and placed onto your skin for the tattoo artists to then copy off.

28 Februar 2023

Flower tattoos have grown in popularity, with both men and women alike looking to get beautifully crafted and vibrant styles of this kind of tattoo!

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3 Februar 2023

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27 Januar 2023

As tattoos have become more and more popular, many people have been playing around with the different spots to get tattoos. Hand tattoos have become a popular option with many using their hands, palms and fingers to place tattoos!

22 Januar 2023

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26 Dezember 2022

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12 Dezember 2022

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