What You Need to Know About Getting a Hand Tattoos

27 Januar 2023

The placement of the tattoo that you get can be an important thing to take into consideration! You want to ensure that the style and design of your tattoo are in line with its placement and that the location compliments the look of the art! As tattoos have become more and more popular, many people have been playing around with the different spots to get tattoos. Hand tattoos have become a popular option with many using their hands, palms and fingers to place tattoos! Tattoos on your hand can be small and placed between your fingers or they can be large, splayed across the back of your hand for everyone to see! The style that you get is entirely up to you and your own personal preferences. The following blog will look at what getting a hand tattoo entails and the best styles to get if you are concerned about keeping them a bit more covered up in the workplace!

Can You Get a Tattoo On Your Hand?

Yes, you can get a tattoo on your hand and as tattoos become more common, many people are using their hands for different styles of tattoos! A tattoo on your hand does not have to be big, it can be something that is small and more hidden for those who are concerned about needing to cover them up. Those who are hoping to get a bigger and bolder tattoo on their hands can also use makeup to cover up for those situations where you may not want this type of tattoo to be visible. Getting a tattoo on your hand can be beautiful, and if you are wanting to get one, get in contact with any of the Cleopatra Ink studios to find out how we can make your dream of getting a hand tattoo come to life!

What are the Cons of Getting a Hand Tattoo?

Hand tattoos are not new styles of tattooing but they are not that common in modern society. This may cause some people, particularly in the workplace, to assume you are not professional if you have them. One of the most obvious cons when it comes to hand tattoos is that their placement can make them hard to cover. In a professional setting, you may not want people to be able to see your tattoos and it can be hard to disguise or cover up these pieces of artwork when in a professional environment. Some have taken to using makeup to disguise these hand tattoos as this offers a quick and easy way to avoid exposing your tattoo in certain situations.

Do Hand Tattoos Affect Jobs?

Some workplaces may not be okay with the idea of having employees who have visible tattoos. As hand tattoos are quite hard to hide, you may run into issues, particularly if you have a corporate or sales job. Whether or not you get a hand tattoo may need to depend on the type of job you have and whether or not you interact with clients. This caution may not be for everyone and if your job allows for you to cover up your tattoo when needed in certain situations, you may be able to get away with it! With remote work and working from home becoming so popular, you may now have the opportunity to get that hand tattoo that you have been wanting! While getting a job with hand tattoos has become easier, there are also ways to cover the tattoo that you get, using bandages and even make-up when required!

How Are Hand Tattoos Done?

Getting a hand tattoo is done like any other style and a tattoo gun is more than often the choice when it comes to these designs. A tattoo artist may have to be a bit more careful when tattooing this area, as hands do tend to twitch and move, particularly if the person receiving the tattoo is in pain. Keeping the hand as still as possible is imperative when it comes to having a good and precise tattoo done!

Before getting a hand tattoo, it is important to consider the amount of pain that comes with this unique style. If you are a person with a low pain tolerance and you are worried that your hand may move throughout the process, you may want to rethink getting this style or look into ways that you can lower the pain felt in this area. Painkillers that do not thin your blood and numbing cream are two popular choices when it comes to pain relief when getting a tattoo!

When getting a tattoo, it is important to consider the different spots to get the work and the level of pain they are associated with. See below for the different spots to consider.

Is it painful to get a tattoo on your hand and fingers?

Getting a hand tattoo on your fingers can be quite painful as the skin on your hands and fingers is quite thin, with very little fat that sits directly on the bone. This can make it quite painful to get a hand tattoo! Your hand also sits on a number of nerve endings that run up your arm and when a tattoo gun presses down on these nerve endings, you may feel shocks, which can be quite painful!

Are Palm Tattoos Painful?

Getting a hand tattoo on your palm is considered to be slightly less painful than on your fingers and the back of your hand. Your palm has a thicker layer of fat around this area which does help to lower the amount of pressure that is put on the muscles and bones of this region. Palm tattoos may also be better for those who are concerned about the visibility of tattoos on the back of the hand so be sure to take this into consideration when deciding where to place your hand tattoo. Tattoos on the side of your hand are considered to have the same pain level as your palm, for those who are thinking of getting this area tattooed.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects When Getting a Hand Tattoo?

Getting a hand tattoo is very similar to getting any other piece of work put anywhere else on your body. One of the most important things to keep in mind when getting a hand tattoo is that you may need to be careful when it comes to germs and infections. Your hands are the part of your body that comes into contact with most surfaces throughout the day, touching different objects that may have germs and bacteria on them. Keeping your hands clean and following the aftercare instructions is therefore incredibly important when it comes to getting a hand tattoo! Limiting the number of surfaces you touch and ensuring that you are disinfecting and sanitizing the surfaces around you frequently can help to ensure that you do not accidentally allow germs and bacteria to get into your tattoo.

Do Hand Tattoos Fade?

You wash and clean your hands more than any other part of your body, which does impact the permanence of the tattoo. It is incredibly important that when getting a hand tattoo, you ensure that you are going to a reputable tattoo studio as the ink used can have a large impact on the amount of time it takes for a tattoo to begin to fade. Another important thing to consider when it comes to the longevity of hand tattoos is how you protect the area from the sun. The UV rays in sunlight can cause the pigmentation to begin to break down, which ultimately causes a tattoo to fade. As your hands are hard to cover up and are often exposed to sunlight, it is important that you come up with measures to protect the area. Wearing a plaster or using sunscreen that has a high SPF can help to ensure that sunlight does not cause your hand tattoo to fade! When getting a hand tattoo, be sure to take this into consideration!

What is the Healing Process of Hand Tattoos?

When getting a hand tattoo, it is important to consider the healing process. Since your hands need to move to be able to pick things up and touch surfaces, you need to be careful not to aggravate the area while it is healing. Hand tattoo care involves keeping the area clean and away from any sunshine while it heals, much the same as any other style of tattoo! Hand tattoos before and after the healing process can be quite different, so be sure to wait for the area to heal to decide if you need any touch-ups. You do not want to irritate the skin while it is still healing.

How Should Hand Tattoos Be Cared For and Protected?

It is vital that your hand tattoos be protected and cared for, even after they have healed. As you may use things like hand sanitisers and soaps that can often lead to the skin in this area drying out, it is important to keep your hands moisturized. Using moisturizing creams can extend the longevity of your tattoo and ensure that they do not fade over time! Another important thing to keep in mind when getting a hand tattoo is that they need to be protected from the sun as UV rays can often lead to the tattoo fading, particularly when it comes to colored tattoos.

If you are considering getting a hand tattoo, our team at any of the Cleopatra Ink studios would be happy to assist in helping your tattoo dreams become a reality!

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