Guide to Eyebrow Piercing: What to Know About Eyebrow Piercings

What is an Eyebrow Piercing?

Finding new and exotic styles of piercing is always a fun way to help you define yourself, offering unique ways for you to express yourself and your style! Eyebrow piercings have grown in popularity as more and more people look to adorn their eyebrows with stunning and unique pieces of jewelry! The eyebrow piercing is placed through the skin above your eyelid, with an entry and an exit at the bottom and top of this spot. As this piercing is done on the surface layer of the skin, it may be more prone to rejection than piercings that go through the cartilage. This makes it extremely important that you know how to care for this piercing properly! The following blog post will look at the different ways that eyebrows can be pierced and the best-known methods to care for this style of piercing!

How to Pierce Eyebrows?

As the skin that will be pierced is quite thick, needles are used to pierce this region of the body. Your piercing artist will pull the skin away from your eye and place a needle through this section of your skin. After the hole has been created, he or she will place your selected piece of jewelry through this hole. All in all, this process is very quick, only taking a few seconds! It is important to go to a reputable piercing studio to get any kind of piercing done and an eyebrow piercing is no different! If you have an experienced piercing artist doing the work, the entire process should be quick and relatively painless.

Do Eyebrow Piercings Hurt?

As eyebrow piercings go through the skin and not through cartilage or anything other sensitive muscle, they are not considered to be very sensitive. This makes eyebrow piercing pain minimal compared to other kinds of piercings! While this style of piercing may not be as sore, if you want the jewelry to be placed in the center of the eyebrow, the supraorbital nerve does sit right along this region. Nerves are sensitive and you may find that the center of your eyebrow is slightly more painful to get pierced than the outer regions. Some of those who have received eyebrow piercings also note that the area may swell up and you may look like you have a black eye for a few days after having received your piercing.

What Are The Risks of Eyebrow Piercings?

One of the main risks associated with eyebrow piercings is that they are more likely to get rejected than other styles placed on other parts of the body. Sometimes, the body will recognise that the piercing is a foreign object and try to push it out of the skin. While eyebrow piercing rejection is more common than other types of piercings, it can be avoided by properly caring for the skin after the procedure has been completed. Another factor that increases the chances of rejection is how deep the hole is made, with those that are too shallow being easier to push out than those a bit deeper. Be sure to talk with your piercing artist about this if it has happened to you before!

Scarring is also another risk when it comes to getting eyebrow piercings. As the skin on this part of your body may reject or mitigate the jewelry, there is a higher risk of scarring. When the jewelry is rejected, the body will work to force it out, moving the jewelry closer and closer to the surface of your skin. As it does this, it may leave behind an eyebrow piercing scar as the skin heals. This is why it is so important to go to an experienced piercing artist that understands proper eyebrow piercing placement and ensures that you properly care for the area while it is healing.

What Are Types of Eyebrow Piercings?

There are different types of eyebrow piercings to look into getting! While you could go for the standard horizontal style piercing, it is also possible to get creative and look into getting something a bit more unique. The following is a look at the different eyebrow piercings that can be done!

Horizontal Piercing

Horizontal piercings are done on the outer edge of your eyebrow, just above the hairline. These types of eyebrows are unique and look stunning when done. You will more than likely have to stick with a straight or curved barbell for this kind of piercing as it can be hard to put other styles in this area. As with other types of eyebrow piercings, this one is considered to be that painful, with a small pinch that is over before you know it! One of the great things about this style is that they very rarely result in bruising around the eye as both holes are located further up your face.

Vertical Piercing

Vertical piercings for eyebrows are considered to be one of the most popular and common styles to get. The jewelry will be placed vertically through your eyebrow, usually on the outer edge of the area, but other placements can be considered. One of the great things about this style of piercing is that you can wear a variety of different jewelry, ranging from barbells to even rings!

Bridge Piercing

If you place your finger between your eyebrows and move it a bit further down to the higher part of your nose, you will come across your nose bridge. This bridge can be pierced for a unique and stylish new look! The piercing artist will have to lift the skin off this part of your nose and insert the needle. It may be a bit unnerving through the process as you will be able to see as the needle is inserted, but as with the other types of eyebrow rings, this process is very quick and is generally considered to be nothing more than a slight pinch. Most people chose to wear simple straight barbells through this part of the eyebrow as this best shows the area off without impacting your sight!

Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

An anti-eyebrow piercing is a piercing that is placed on the skin under the eye, just above the cheekbone. This spot offers the chance for a unique and beautiful spot to place an earring but you may be hindered by the number of jewelry styles that can be worn. In order for this piercing to be easily seen, it needs to go quite deep into the skin. This means that a long and straight barbell is the main kind that can be worn in this area.

Spiral Piercing

A spiral piercing looks very similar to a vertical piercing, with the main difference being the number of holes that are created. Spiral eyebrow rings are worn in this type of piercing that goes along the center of the eyebrow horizontally. As this style is quite unique, you may struggle to find jewelry to suit this look. While it can be hard to find when you get a store that offers this style you will be amazed at the different looks available!

Multiple Piercings

For a trendy and unique look, why not combine different styles and types of eyebrow piercings? Doing multiple piercings can be a great way to get that edgy look, though it is recommended that you not get them all at once! Finding a piercing artist who is able to space out the different piercings that you get properly is imperative when it comes to these kinds of piercings.

What Are The Side Effects of Eyebrow Piercings?

There are no definitive side effects to getting an eyebrow piercing but if they are not cared for properly, you do run the risk of developing an infection. An infection on this part of the body can be dangerous as it is very close to your eye. Infections happen when you do not properly care for the area after receiving the piercing. If you do not keep the area as clean as possible and follow the aftercare instructions, germs and bacteria could begin to build up and cause an infection. As a piercing is ultimately an open wound, it should be cared for as one until it is healed. Doing this will ensure you avoid any potential eyebrow piercing side effects.

Can Eyebrow Piercings be Rejected?

Yes, the eyebrow piercing rejection rate is higher than other kinds of piercings. The type of skin that the eyebrow is made up of is more susceptible to rejection than the skin on your ears and nose. When your body notes that there is a foreign object in the skin, it will try to push this object out, slowly closing the skin and pushing it to the surface. The type of skin that the eyebrow is made up of is more likely to do so it is important to be aware of the signs of rejected eyebrow piercings.

How Long Does an Eyebrow Piercing Take to Heal?

As the skin that makes up the eyebrow is not cartilage, it generally does heal quite quickly. Most eyebrow piercings take around six to eight weeks to completely heal, so long as the area does not become infected. If the area does get infected, the healing time for eyebrow piercings will increase, so be sure to consider this when getting your eyebrow pierced. A healed eyebrow piercing will no longer be inflamed or swollen. You will also be able to tell when pus stops being secreted from the wound and the pain in the area subsides.

How to Care For an Eyebrow Piercing?

Eyebrow piercing care is very similar to caring for any other kind of piercing. After the process has been completed and you have gotten your eyebrow pierced, your piercing artist will provide you with a set of instructions on how to keep the area clean and what to avoid. It is important to follow these steps precisely until the wound is completely healed. Stopping this care routine before this stage may allow for germs and bacteria to get into the piercing hole and infect it.

How Should You Clean The Eyebrow Piercing?

Eyebrow piercing aftercare is important and most piercing artists will suggest that you use saline solution to clean your new eyebrow piercing. When cleaning an eyebrow piercing, saline solution is great to use because it cleans the area of any germs and is easy to make or purchase. The area should be cleaned about three times a day, dabbing a small amount of the saline solution into the area. You need to be sure that the solution goes into the pierced hole to keep the internal skin clean and free of bacteria!

How to Change Out an Eyebrow Piercing?

Once your eyebrow piercing has healed completely you will be able to swap out your original jewelry for something new. Most eyebrow piercings are adorned with either hoop or barbell-styled jewelry as this is known to be the easiest and best-looking style to get in eyebrow piercings. When removing eyebrow piercings, simply unclip the piercing and slowly move the steel out of the hole, please note that it should not be painful when doing this. Once the previous piece of jewelry has been removed from the hole, place your new piercing in its place. Be sure that the clips are done properly to avoid the jewelry from falling out!

When Can You Change an Eyebrow Piercing?

It is important to ensure that you are not removing the piercing too soon as the wound has to be completely healed. If you take the jewelry out before it is properly healed, the hole will begin to close. It is important to wait for the full six to eight weeks before changing out the eyebrow piercing and replacing it with a new piece of jewelry, you will be able to tell that the area has healed when it is no longer sore, swollen and not releasing pus.

What Type of Jewelry Is Used for an Eyebrow Piercing?

The most common kinds of jewelry that are worn in eyebrow piercings are barbells and hoops. When you first get the eyebrow piercing, the piercing artist will likely place a small curved barbell in your eyebrow. The size of eyebrow piercing is important to consider as this will determine the length and width of the barbell that you decide on. After this has healed, you have a ton of different options that you can consider! From rings to spirals, the style you chose is entirely up to you!

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