What Is Infected Nose Piercing and How Can It Be Treated?

Getting a nose piercing can be a fun and exciting experience, with your new piece of jewelry adding that extra bit of glitz and glamor to your look! One of the most important things to remember when it comes to getting a nose piercing is that you need to be sure that you properly care for it. After the procedure has been completed and your new jewelry is in, you need to ensure that the area is not exposed to any germs or bacteria that could lead to an infection. A nose piercing infection can be extremely sore and uncomfortable and will take time to heal. To avoid this happening, ensure that you are following the aftercare instructions that will be given to you by your piercing artist! The following blog is a look at what exactly a nose piercing infection is, how to prevent it and how to treat it!

What Does An Infected Nose Piercing Mean?

An infected nose piercing refers to when your piercing becomes infected by germs or bacteria. When a nose piercing is not properly cared for, you run the risk of exposing the open wound to germs. As with any open sore on your skin, if bacteria gets inside this wound, it can easily become infected. Infections range in how severe they can be and largely depend on how proactive you are in getting treatment when your nose piercing becomes infected. Knowing what to look out for and the steps to take if you have a nose piercing infection is vital to getting it solved quickly and not causing any permanent damage.

What Can Cause A Nose Piercing To Get Infected?

One of the main things that cause nose piercing infections is a lack of care by the individual who received the piercing. After the nose piercing has been done, your piercing artist will provide you with a set of instructions to follow that will ensure the piercing is kept clean and sanitized while it heals. If these instructions are not followed, bacteria can become embedded in the wound which will cause swelling and cause puss to be emitted from the site. This is why following the correct protocols when it comes to cleaning your nose piercing is vital!

Another thing that could cause a nose piercing infection is if the tools that the piercing artist uses have not been properly sanitized. Needles should never be reused and any other equipment needed for the procedure should be sanitized before beginning. This is why it is important that you go to a reputable studio to get your piercing done!

How To Know If Your Nose Piercing Is Infected?

The signs of infected nose piercings are important to look out for! One of the most common signs that your nose piercing has become infected is that it will be very swollen. You may also find that the skin is quite hot as your body tries to kill off the infection before it can get into your bloodstream and make you sick! Watching your nose piercing closely while it heals and monitoring if the area begins to get sorer, swollen and red rather than getting better, is vital to pick up whether or not you have a nose piercing infection.

Infected Nose Piercing Symptoms

Seeing blood or pus coming out of the wound is not a good sign, particularly if you have had the nose piercing in for some time. A nose piercing infection may also be quite swollen and red. Many people assume that seeing a bump on nose piercings is a sign of infection but this just could be a keloid forming and it is generally nothing to be concerned about.

What To Do When Your Nose Piercing Is Infected?

One of the most important things to remember if you have a nose piercing infection is that you should seek the advice of a medical professional immediately. If you leave the infection for too long without getting the proper medication and antibacterial cream to treat it, it will just continue to get worse and worse. The following will look into how to heal an infected nose piercing and the steps to take if you are concerned that your new piercing has been exposed to bacteria or germs.

How To Treat An Infected Nose Piercing?

When it comes to cleaning infected nose piercing and piercing care, it is important to seek the advice of a professional who can administer medication to treat the infection. If an infection is not properly treated with antibiotics, it could continue to get worse and even reach your bloodstream. If you have been keeping track of the piercing and have just noticed some swelling and redness, you have likely caught the infection just in time and will be able to use an antibacterial ointment to kill off the infection. If you have left the infection for too long, you may need to take oral antibiotics. It is extremely important that you consult with a healthcare provider if you think that you have an infected nose piercing and follow the nose piercing infection treatment that will be outlined by your healthcare provider.

Infected Nose Piercing Healing Process

The amount of time that it takes for an infected nose piercing to heal will depend on the severity of the infection and how quick you were to act on it! Most nose piercing infections that are caught early will heal in about a week if you properly administer the antibacterial ointment that you will be prescribed by a medical professional. If you have left the infection for too long, it may be harder to get rid of it and take a bit more time, effort and harsher antibiotics.

How To Care For Your Nose Piercing To Avoid Infection?

Avoiding a nose piercing infection entirely is definitely the best course of action and there are two main things that you can do to ensure this! The first is that you properly follow the nose piercing aftercare instructions prescribed by your piercing artist. Following the correct aftercare procedures and keeping the area clean and free from germs and bacteria will go a long way in ensuring that your nose piercing does not become infected.

Another thing to think about when looking to avoid a nose piercing infection is the studio you go visit to get the procedure done. It is vital that you visit a reputable piercing artist who will use sanitary equipment to do the piercing. If equipment is used that has not been properly sanitized, there is a risk that bacteria and germs will be transferred into your skin during the procedure.

Cleaning Infected Nose Piercing

When it comes to infected nose piercing care, it is important to use the correct antibacterial solutions on the infected area. These ointments or antibiotics should be prescribed by a healthcare professional and used precisely as they instruct! Though healing an infected nose piercing may take some time, do not take out the piercing! This could trap the infection under the skin and make it harder to get rid of! Following the instructions given by your piercing artist and the healthcare professional that you use will ensure that your nose piercing infection clears up in no time!