The Tragus Piercing: Everything You Need To Know

Finding new and inventive piercings that are unique to the norm is a way to differentiate yourself from others! As piercing has become so popular, there have been many new styles that have been created, offering interesting and unique options for those who want to try something different. The tragus piercing is one of these unique styles, offering a new way to style the jewelry you place in your ear! The tragus is a flap of cartilage that protects the inner ear, jutting out slightly to cover this opening. Different styles of jewelry can be worn over this section of the ear and it is a versatile and unique spot for an ear piercing! The following is a look at the different factors to consider when getting a tragus piercing and how different styles of jewelry can be worn!

What is a Tragus Piercing?

A tragus piercing refers to a piercing that is located on the flap of cartilage that almost covers your ear canal. It is a small and thick piece of cartilage that allows the person wearing an earring in this area to add a bit of extra style to their ear! While many might be fine with going for a simple lobe piercing, or even one located in the upper cartilage, others may want an assortment of different styles that they can add to their ear! Tragus ear piercings are often larger studs as the region does not allow for much else to be placed here. These studs can either be small or large, this depends on the person and the look they are going for! Barbells and rings are also commonly used in this area, though you may have to find smaller styles of these types of earrings to ensure they are not irritating other parts of the ear. One of the benefits of tragus piercings is that they are incredibly unique and would be a great option for anyone looking for something different to add to their piercing collection!

What Are the Types of Tragus Piercings?

Though this area is small, there are different kinds of tragus piercings that can be done! Finding a unique spot to place a piercing is always fun but ensuring that the style of the jewelry and type of piercing done matches your unique look is also incredibly important! The following is a brief look into the different types of tragus piercings that can be done.

Surface Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercings are considered to be quite sore and those who still want the look without too much pain may want to go with a surface tragus piercing. This type of piercing involves puncturing and inserting the jewelry on the skin above the cartilage and is often referred to as a ‘fake’ tragus. As only the skin on top of the cartilage is being pierced, it heals much faster than the standard tragus piercing, which makes it a great option for those who are wanting to get the look of a tragus piercing without the hassle of a long healing period! One of the main issues with this kind of piercing is that due to the fact that it goes through the skin and not the cartilage, the body may assume it is a foreign object and push it out. Keeping it clean and allowing for it to heal completely before changing the jewelry can help to avoid this.

Anti-Tragus Piercing

Directly opposite the tragus part of your ear is a piece of cartilage that is referred to as the anti-tragus. This portion of cartilage sticks out on the opposite end of the tragus and is often also a great spot for a piercing! These types of tragus piercings are not very common and they offer a unique way to add an extra look to the jewelry you put in your ear. As this piece of cartilage is just as thick as the tragus, the healing time and pain are very similar!

Double Tragus Piercing

Though this small piece of cartilage is small, if the piercing artist correctly spaces the piercing out and uses small jewelry, you can get a double tragus piercing! Spacing is incredibly important for this type of tragus piercing and if the holes are located too close together, you may not be able to fit certain types of jewelry in one of the holes. By working with your piercing artist to find the best spacing options that allow for different types of jewelry to be used, you can ensure that your double tragus piercing is done perfectly! It is also incredibly important that the space be measured according to the size of the tragus piercing you want as you do not want them to look like one of the piercings is too close or too far from the other.

Vertical Tragus Piercing

While you could go for the standard tragus piercing where the jewelry goes straight through the cartilage, you can also opt for something more unique. The vertical tragus piercing involves piercing the tragus at a vertical angle, going out of the front side of the tragus only. With this style of piercing, studs are rarely used as you will be able to see the back of the jewelry. A curved barbell is often considered to be one of the best kinds of earrings to use for this piercing!

How to Pierce The Tragus?

As the tragus is a particularly small part of the ear and hard to get to with a piercing gun, most tragus piercings are done with a needle. Before the process begins, the piercing artist will need to clean the area with an antibacterial solution to ensure that no germs or bacteria get into the hole. The needle will be inserted into the area, swiftly followed by the jewelry, this process only takes a few seconds before the process is completed!

Does a Tragus Piercing Hurt?

Tragus piercings are known to be quite painful as the piece of cartilage that is pierced is quite thick. The amount of pain that you experience will depend on your own pain tolerance as well as how you prepare for the process. When getting a tragus piercing, many people opt to take painkillers or even use numbing cream on this portion of the skin. It is extremely important to keep the area as clean as possible after the procedure or you run the risk of it getting infected. Though tragus piercing pain is considered to be quite high in terms of other types of ear piercings, looking after the area will ensure it does not get infected and take longer to heal!

Are There Any Risks of Tragus Piercings?

As with any kind of piercing, there are a few risks involved. One of the most important things to remember is that the area will need to remain clean until it is fully healed. Your piercing artist will supply you with a set of instructions to ensure that the area does not get infected. One of the most dangerous parts of getting any sort of piercing is that it gets infected. The swelling of the tragus piercing for longer than three days may be a sign that there is an infection. An infected tragus piercing can be very painful but by following the hygiene procedures and ensuring you keep the area clean, the risk of any issues is very low!

Side Effects of a Tragus Piercing

There are a few potential side effects of a tragus piercing, but none of them is likely to happen. The main concern when getting a tragus piercing is that the area may become infected if not cared for properly. As this would be an open wound, if bacteria or germs get inside the piercing, you run the risk of getting sick. Looking after the area correctly can lessen the chance of this happening!

Another risk of getting a tragus piercing is that it may get caught on material and then tear. This can be indirectly painful and we recommend considering the type of earrings that would be worn in this piercing, staying away from any styles that are particularly large in size and length!

What Should You Do If Your Tragus Piercing Gets Infected?

You may want to be aware of the signs that may indicate that your tragus piercing is infected. If the area is throbbing in pain, hot and has pus coming from it, these may be signs that bacteria has got into the wound. If your tragus piercing is infected, it is important to follow the following steps to ensure that you are doing all you can to help it heal. Firstly, do not touch the area as this can cause the infection to spread. While the piercing may feel itchy, it is incredibly important to keep your hands away from the site. It is also recommended that the site of the infection be cleaned at least three times a day with saline solution. Saline helps to clear infections and can kill the germs and bacteria that are sitting underneath the skin! If after doing this the site does not look to be getting better, be sure to see a doctor as you have to get antibiotics to kill the bacteria! The removal of the tragus piercing may have to be considered if the infection is not getting any better after antibiotics.

How Long Does a Tragus Piercing Take to Heal?

The tragus piercing healing time is usually about three to six months, though this does depend on how well the area is cared for. If the piercing becomes infected or the jewelry is taken out too early, you do run the risk of lengthening the healing period. This is why it is incredibly important to follow the cleaning guidelines that will be given by your piercing artist and wait until the piercing is fully healed before removing or changing the jewelry.

How to Care For a Tragus Piercing?

When cleaning a tragus piercing, it is vital to remember that the piercing needs to remain free from any germs or bacteria. The area should be sanitized two to three times a day with a saline solution. It is important to refrain from touching the piercing as this could introduce new kinds of contaminants to the wound. It is important to follow the direct orders that would have been given to you by your piercing artist to ensure that your new piercing heals properly! Do not be fooled by the pain going away or dulling and be sure to keep the cleaning routine going for as long as suggested!

How to Change Out a Tragus Piercing?

As with any other kind of piercing, it is extremely important to give the area enough time to heal before changing out the piercing. If a piece of jewelry is removed from the piercing before it is healed, you run the risk of the area getting infected which may also cause the hole to close slightly. So, when is a tragus piercing changeable? When it comes to tragus piercings, the wound normally heals within three to six months, though this can differ if the area has become infected. Keeping a close eye on the wound and monitoring for any changes in the amount of pain and swelling that you see can help you to determine when it is healed and the jewelry can be changed.

What Type of Jewelry Is Used for Tragus Piercing?

As this area is quite small, you have to be careful with the kinds of jewelry that are used. Most people with tragus piercings like to style it using large studs. Studs are considered to be one of the best types of earrings to use when it comes to jewelry for tragus piercings as they do not tear or irritate other skin when the tragus is near. Along with studs, hoops and barbells are used for this area as they are also stylish while still being small enough not to irritate the surrounding skin.

For more information on tragus piercings and the process of getting this type of piercing, be sure to get in contact with our team here at Cleopatra Ink!