Flower Tattoos That Bloom Forever Across Skin and Their Meanings

28 February 2023

Why Do People Prefer Flower Tattoos?

Flower tattoos have grown in popularity, with both men and women alike looking to get beautifully crafted and vibrant styles of this kind of tattoo! One of the great things about flower tattoos is that they can vary in the technique, size and style used to create the designs, offering something for just about anyone! Flower tattoos are also a great kind of artwork to get because they have different meanings and representations, allowing for them to be beautiful with a hidden meaning to the individual that gets one done.

Not only are flower tattoos a popular choice today, but they were actually commonly done in ancient times, often representing the contentment of God. This style of tattoo has been developed and crafted in such a way that you can get stunning designs with life-like depictions of the flower that you want to get! There have also been artists who have strayed away from realistic works and have looked to create more animated designs, with the style of the person receiving the tattoo taken into consideration when creating the designs. Some artists have taken to developing more gothic and darker styles using flowers, making for a very interesting variety!

When looking to get a flower tattoo, it is important to discuss the style that you want to ensure that you walk away happy with your tattoo design! Be sure to ask for previous examples of the work that the artist has done to see where their area of expertise lies.

Flower Tattoos and Their Meanings

Many people base the type of flower tattoo that they get on their different meanings. Flower tattoos and their meanings vary, with different types of flowers symbolizing different things! The following is a look at a few of the different types and meanings of flower tattoos.


Pretty in pink is what best describes the beautiful peony! This flower is a very common style of tattoo to get, symbolizing beauty, love, honor and happiness! They are also commonly used in wedding bouquets as they symbolize good luck and prosperity for newlywed couples. Many often chose to get peony flowers as a tattoo to represent this special day. While pink is the most common color of peonies, they also come in a wide variety of other colors, offering you the opportunity to express another symbolic feature in the tattoo that you get! With the meaning of a peony flower tattoo being so symbolic, it is easy to see why they are such a popular choice!


The lotus is a very interesting type of flower with a lot of symbolism behind how they survive. A lotus will rise during the day, blossoming into a beautiful flower and then go back into the muddy water as the sun sets. The way that this flower functions has given rise to the lotus symbolizing strength and rebirth. Despite the conditions that this type of flower lives in, each day it rises out of the often murky water that it exists in, blossoming into a beautiful and vibrant flower! The meaning of a lotus flower tattoo represents the ability to rise to the challenge day after day, despite difficult circumstances, and flower even after having been submerged in darkness! This hidden meaning behind this flower makes it a great tattoo to get if you are after flower tattoos that mean strength!


The beautiful vibrant yellow of the pollen of the daisy contrasting the stunning and pure white of the petals has led to many associating the daisy with becoming a mother and new beginnings! Like the pure white of the petals and the vibrant yellow of the pollen, the meaning of a daisy flower tattoo is often representative of children and motherhood.


Roses are a type of flower with many different kinds of meanings that are typically associated with the color. As roses come in a variety of different colors, they can have an assortment of different meanings. Typically, a rose is a symbol of love, which is why they are often a good choice if you are looking for a type of rose to give a loved one! With so many different meanings of rose tattoos, considering the color of the tattoo that you get is quite important.


These beautiful and bright purple flowers are often associated with elegance, serenity, grace and devotion. Purple is a color that symbolizes royalty and getting a tattoo done in this beautiful and vibrant color is sure to make your artwork pop. As it symbolizes devotion, many chose to get this style of tattoo in honor of a loved one!


The meaning of a lily flower tattoo represents fertility and innocence, with this delicate flower often associated with new life and rebirth! This type of tattoo is often done by new mothers or a person who is starting a new chapter in their lives and it can make for a great tattoo! Whether you are looking for a style to represent your own new beginning or are maybe doing it in honor of a new member of the family, the light and fresh style of these types of flowers makes them a stunning option! As with other kinds of flowers, you do get different colors that can symbolize different things, so be sure to look into the meanings behind the different symbolisms of the colors you may be interested in getting!

Tsubaki Flower

The Tsubaki Flower is a bold red color, symbolizing love and passion. These flowers were considered to be representative of bravery and strength as well by ancient Chinese samurais and they would watch them grow in the winter, standing strong and tall even when facing terrible conditions. This design would make for a stunning flower tattoo and the vibrant red could ensure that the artwork pops, no matter how big or small the tattoo is!


Chrysanthemums are also flowers that come in a variety of different colors, each with its own unique symbolism. Generally, the meaning of a chrysanthemum flower represents family, happiness and friendships, and they are particularly popular for tattoos to get for your mother or as a mother, this is thanks to their name!

Cherry Blossom (Sakura)

This Japanese flower tattoo represents new beginnings, flowering at the beginning of spring and representing a bright new beginning! Many people travel from all over the world to catch the beautiful sakura flower blossoming and then dying, a mere two weeks after having opened! This short blossoming time also represents the fleetingness of nature and the world around us, with many choosing to get this style of tattoo for this symbolic reason! During the cherry blossom season in Japan, it is very common for family and friends to get together, reminding you to cherish the time you spend with your loved ones!


The orchid is another popular kind of flower to get tattooed, and the beautiful and delicate petals are representative of thoughtfulness, beauty and love! Orchids are often done in areas where the image can be large, fully showing off the delicate nature of these stunning flowers! This meaning of an orchid flower tattoo has led to many people deciding on getting one done, though their intricate design should be done by a tattoo artist who is skilled at portraying delicate lines.

Hibiscus Flower

The vibrant red of the beautiful hibiscus flower is representative love, passion and good luck! The different colors of this flower all have different meanings, most of which are related to love! From romantic love to the love that you may have for your friends and family, the variety in the meaning of a hibiscus flower tattoo could make it the perfect symbol to get for someone that is near and dear to you.


The beautiful red or pink carnations are symbols of deep love and affection, often used to express or show love to those who are nearest and dearest to you! While you could go for a bouquet of flowers, getting a tattoo would offer you the chance to adorn your skin with spectacular artwork! A carnation flower tattoo would be a great way to pay tribute to someone you love and looks fantastic when tattooed on the skin!


The bright and cheery sunflower is another favorite when it comes to flower tattoos, with vibrant yellow representing sunshine and happiness! The sunflower is also commonly associated with cancer awareness and many people chose to get this style of tattoo in honor of their own battle or for someone close to them. The symbolic meaning of a sunflower tattoo would make it an amazing tattoo to pay tribute to and help raise awareness for this disease.

Iris Flower

The iris flower is commonly associated with symbolizing wisdom, faith and courage! The beautiful and delicate petals make for amazing artwork and would be the perfect addition to any person’s tattoo collection! The beautiful and vibrant purple contrast against the white to make for a stunning depiction and the meaning of an iris flower tattoo just adds to this beauty.

Poppy Flower

The poppy flower is unique as it is actually the flower that was dedicated to the remembrance of all those who perished in the first world war. Every year, on national remembrance day (11 November), many people wear poppies in remembrance of those who fought and died during this war. The beautiful and vibrant red of this flower makes it a popular choice, even if you are not getting it in remembrance of the soldiers in the first world war.


The acacia is an evergreen green, meaning that it does not ever lose its color or its leaves, unless it is dying. While other flowers will have times of the year when they grow, an acacia tree is green all year long. This is a symbol of the immortality of the human race, as we persevere generation after generation! The beautiful yellow flowers would be a stunning style of tattoo to get!


Tulips are often associated with being symbolic of deep and everlasting love and affection! As the meaning of a tulip flower is symbolic of deep love, many people chose to get this style of tattoo for those who they hold deep affection for. The style of these tattoos ensures that they can get done as either large or even small depictions and can be done in a variety of different colors.

What Do the Colors of Flower Tattoos Mean?

While the flowers themselves also have a specific meaning, another important representation to take into account is the color of the flower. Colors have had symbolic meanings for hundreds of years, with different colors representing and symbolizing different things! Many different tattoos are created using a variety of colors that have symbolic meanings behind them. If you are wanting to design your flower tattoo using these different colors and their meanings, the following is a look at the different options!

  • Red: Passion, love, fire, power and even anger!

  • Blue: Calm and serenity.

  • Pink: Love, family and friendships.

  • Yellow: Happiness and love.

  • White: Purity and cleanliness.

  • Black: elegance, power and darkness.

How to Select the Best Flower Tattoo for You?

Getting a flower tattoo can be a great way to pay homage to your experiences, whether they are in the past or the future. When looking to get a flower tattoo, it is important to think about the symbolism behind the different options you have, ensuring that you get something that is meaningful to you. While many may be looking for something symbolic, you also may just enjoy the look of the flower you want to get which is also a great way to decide which of the different flower tattoos you should go for. Looking at the colors, shapes, symbolisms and designs of the different flower tattoos is a great way to select the best style of tattoo for you!

Where on Your Body Should You Get Flower Tattoos?

One of the great things about getting a flower tattoo is that you can get one just about anywhere on your body and in different sizes! Whether you are after something small and delicate to put on your arms or even on your foot or are rather looking for a tattoo that is bigger and bolder in style for an area like your back, flower tattoos are versatile! The best place to get a flower tattoo will depend entirely on what you are after and the look you want for the design. When looking into getting a flower tattoo, be sure to enquire with your tattoo artist and perhaps even ask for a few examples of his or her work. This will ensure that you walk away with exactly what you were after!

Cleopatra Ink has a number of different tattoo artists that will help you to create the perfect flower tattoo! For more information, please do not hesitate to contact a studio nearest to you!

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