The Complete Guide to UV Tattoos: What is Ultraviolet Tattoo?

26 December 2022

Getting a tattoo that is unique and different is becoming more and more popular, with people playing around with where they get tattoos as well as different types of tattoos. One of the newer styles of tattooing that has come about is ultraviolet tattoos, or glow tattoos, which can only be seen when placed under ultraviolet black light! You can decide whether you want your entire tattoo to be made up of this ink or whether you just want a few features to stand out when placed directly under this kind of light! They are incredibly unique and we would definitely recommend this to a person looking for a different type of tattoo!

What is an Ultraviolet Tattoo? Features of UV Tattoos

While some may just want a very standard type of tattoo, others may be interested in something a bit more unique and different! Ultraviolet light tattoos are definitely considered to be something more unique and can even allow you to get something that is a bit bigger and more colorful! Ultraviolet tattoos refer to a tattoo that has been designed using a fluorescent dye, which is a type of substance that can only be seen when put under a UV or black light. Also referred to as glow-in-the-dark tattoos, they are only seen when your skin is exposed to this kind of light, otherwise, they are invisible to the naked eye! This means that you can expose your tattoo when you want to, otherwise, no one would even know that you had one.

Can UV Tattoos Be Seen in The Sunlight?

Whether or not an ultraviolet tattoo can be seen in the sun is dependent on the type of UV tattoo that you get and whether or not the entire artwork is made using fluorescent dye. Some choose to get a tattoo with certain features that are done in ultraviolet dye, with the rest of the tattoo done in normal ink. This will mean that only certain parts of the tattoo will be seen with the naked eye.

Are Ultraviolet Tattoos Safe?

Today, tattoo artists generally do not use any fluorescent dye that contains any phosphorus within the composition. Phosphorus is considered to be a dangerous chemical that can have negative impacts on your health if used to tattoo on your skin. As ultraviolet tattoos have become more popular, fluorescent dyes have been created that do not contain this dangerous chemical. Be sure to enquire with your tattoo artist before receiving the tattoo as to whether or not the dye they have contains any phosphorus within the composition. It is important to be knowledgeable on the UV tattoo side effects as this can help you to decide whether or not you want to go this route!

What is in Ultraviolet Tattoo Ink?

Ultraviolet tattoo ink is referred to as fluorescent dye, which can only be detected and seen when placed under ultraviolet or black light. How detectable the tattoo is to the human eye depends on the ink that is used in the process and you may want to inquire with your tattoo artists to ensure that it is not seen at all if that is what you are looking for! Different types of components are used to create different dyes, so it is important to do a bit of research into the ingredients of the ink your tattoo artist is planning to use!

What is The Difference Between Glow In The Dark Tattoos and UV Tattoos?

Ultraviolet tattoos are often referred to as glow-in-the-dark tattoos or even black light tattoos. This is due to the fact that they only glow under certain lights and usually can only be seen in the dark when placed under these specific kinds of lighting.

Black Light Tattoos: How is an Ultraviolet Tattoo Created?

While the process of tattooing is very similar when considering normal tattoos and ultraviolet tattoos, it is extremely important that you go to a reputable studio! This is because the ink that is used needs to be from a reputable source as ultraviolet tattoos often cause the skin to react more harshly and flare up a bit more compared to normal tattoos. Having a good quality dye that does not contain any phosphorus is recommended when getting an ultraviolet tattoo!

What Are the Difficulties of Applying UV Tattoos?

One of the hardest parts of getting an ultraviolet tattoo is that your tattoo artist has to be very careful with how different colors are applied to your skin. If mixed in with other colors or smudged, it impacts the quality of the glow and could result in less of an impact when placed under ultraviolet or black light. This is why it is incredibly important to go to a tattoo studio where this kind of tattoo has been done before as this ensures the artist knows what they are doing. The whole point of glowing ultraviolet tattoos is that they have a vibrant color when placed under ultraviolet or black light, if smudged and incorrectly applied, you may not get the overall effect you are going for.

What Are UV Tattoo Side Effects And Potential Complications?

There has not been much research done into the potential side effects of ultraviolet tattoos. One of the main risks that have been highlighted has to do with the possible side effects if the dye contains phosphorus. Some common UV ink tattoo side effects that have been recorded with regard to this chemical are pain, blistering and a burning sensation on the skin. There are also concerns over whether or not the chemicals in the dye have carcinogenic compounds, which could lead to you being at an increased risk of skin cancer. The type of dye used can mitigate and lessen the chances of these effects causing these complications, so be sure to inquire with your tattoo artist about the type of ink that they are using and the ingredients the dye contains.

UV Tattoo Aftercare: How to Take Care Of Ultraviolet Tattoos?

Looking after ultraviolet tattoos after they have been completed is very similar to how you would care for normal tattoos. One of the main differences you may want to consider is just keeping a closer eye on the skin surrounding the tattoo. As some issues have been noted with adverse reactions to some fluorescent dyes, it may be a good idea to watch the area and ensure you are not having a bad reaction to the ink! Other than that, keep the area clean and ensure that you follow the aftercare routine until the tattoo is fully healed! It may also be beneficial to have your healed UV tattoo checked to ensure that everything is looking good and healthy. Others may take UV tattoo before and after pictures to ensure that everything is healing and looking better.

How to Extend the Life of a UV Tattoo?

One of the most important things to think about when you get an ultraviolet tattoo is that you want to ensure its longevity. As with any tattoo, it is important that you protect the skin and ensure that you follow the correct steps to keep the tattoo from fading. One of the major reasons why both UV and normal tattoos begin to fade is exposure to sunlight without any sun protection. The sun causes the ink to fade and you could be going in for a touch-up sooner than expected if you do not wear a strong sunscreen. By either covering the area when you go into the sun or putting on sunscreen regularly, you can ensure that your UV tattoo remains vibrant and does not fade!

If you are noticing that your ultraviolet tattoo is fading faster than you would like, it is possible that the ink may not have been of the best quality. To ensure that your tattoo is going to last, do some research on the best fluorescent dye to use! This is also true when it comes to touch-ups, and you should be sure that the quality of fluorescent dye being used will leave you with a beautiful and long-lasting ultraviolet tattoo!

What Kind Of Tattoo Artist Can Do An Ultraviolet Tattoo?

As ultraviolet tattoos have become more and more popular, there have been some artists who have decided to specialize in this form of tattooing! When going to get your ultraviolet tattoo, it is important to do your research on the very best studio to go to ensure that you get the very best tattoo! Any tattoo artist can begin the process of learning how to tattoo with a fluorescent dye and asking for a few examples of their work can be a great way to ensure that you walk away happy with the tattoo that you received. Going to a reputable studio and finding an artist who is familiar with ultraviolet tattoos is always recommended!

Is It Possible To Remove UV Tattoos?

Yes, it is also possible to remove ultraviolet tattoos! Just as with regular tattoos, it is possible to break up the fluorescent dye using laser removal. Laser removal involves breaking down the ink in your skin, and removing the remnants of the tattoo. It is important to note that this may leave a scar and the process of laser removal is known to be quite painful!

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