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15 February 2023

Click here to learn everything what you should know about tattoo retouching!

3 February 2023

What do you know about Maori tattoos? Everything you need to know about Maori tattoos, covered in this content!

27 January 2023

As tattoos have become more and more popular, many people have been playing around with the different spots to get tattoos. Hand tattoos have become a popular option with many using their hands, palms and fingers to place tattoos!

22 January 2023

What should be considered when choosing a tattoo artist and studio? Click here to learn how to choose the best tattoo artist and studio!

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19 January 2023

If you have recently been considering getting a new piercing on your tongue, there are a few things that you may want to consider!

17 January 2023

There are many misconceptions about tattoos and the impacts that receiving one will have on your body. Look at a few tattoo facts and myths and whether or not they are true!

12 January 2023

All the details you require to change the way you perceive Cleopatra Ink regarding nose piercings!

6 January 2023

Ear piercings are one of the most common kinds of piercings to get and if you are considering joining the millions of people who have their ears pierced, you have come to the right place!

26 December 2022

Find out what you've been wondering about neon tattoos that shine brightly to read our content!

17 December 2022

While all tattoos begin to fade after a long period of time, some factors may cause the ink to blur and fade much faster! It is important to understand what these factors are and what to look out for when getting a tattoo to avoid this happening to you!